IBCN 2017 London Road Show

“Time flies, but not memories”

-Ika Natassa

Ten months have passed since IBCN 2015, I can still vividly recall the memories of inauguration of IBCN 2015 on 25th July 2015 amongst much fanfare in Coimbatore. It feels like it is only a few weeks since the event, however sounds and signals sent by Nagarathar Business Initiatives Group (NBIG) of Dubai on IBCN 2017 is already being heard. 2017 event was launched in Chennai on 24th April 2016. The event organized by NBIG is scheduled to be held in Dubai between 14-16 April 2017. Following the launch in Chennai, NBIG has started to run roadshows of the event across the world, starting with the UK. London roadshow was held on 14th May, 2016 at East Ham Murugan Temple with participation from over fifty Nagarathars.



Ramesh Ramanathan and Ramanathan Sivalingam of NBIG flew into London just to popularize the benefits of attending the event to UK based fellow Nagarathars. NBIG intends to travel to over fifteen cities in the US to popularize the event – this speaks volumes on NBIG’s intentions to inspire and empower entrepreneurship zeal within our Nagarathar community. Following on the trend set by IBCN 2015, NBIG intends to continue with Entrepreneurs of the Week (ETOW) and Bizplan awards with participation from budding Nagarthar entrepreneurs and established stalwarts.



Over fifty delegates from nine countries participated in IBCN 2015 however it was just me who represented the UK then. Based on the participation and interest shown by UK Nagarathars during the roadshow, I can forsee that this could easily touch double digits in IBCN 2017. I also expect that there will be speakers from the UK Nagarathar community providing thought leadership on the European business environment during the event.

That said, I would like to thank NBIG for flying over to London and Mr. Selvaganesh for organizing the roadshow in London. Wishing all the best to NBIG team for their other roadshows and the grand extravaganza in Dubai in April 2017. Looking forward to an eventful year (ETOW, Bizplan during the year amongst others) and hope to see and network with Nagarathar entrepreneurs and business leaders! Also look forward to discussing the idea of organizing the event in the UK in the future.


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